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 Precipitated Calcium Carbonate - PCC 

Socal® and Winnofil® Precipitated Calcium Carbonates are helping you to build a better world.

Thanks to our wide range of Socal® and Winnofil® PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) grades, we help you designing a safer and more sustainable world with:

  • Longer building protection, thanks for their use in Sealants
  • Lower carbon foot-print for Architectural indoor Paints
  • Better cars protection through PVC Plastisols
  • Longer-lasting PVC Window frames
  • Calcium supplementation for treatment of osteoporosis, and for the good health of babies & pregnant women
  • All many other future market applications we are excited to jointly develop with you, through innovation

As a leading PCC supplier for specialty applications, we offer you performance products to improve the world we live in through:  

  • Key functionalities (such as rheology, opacity, reinforcement and calcium supplementation) to serve a wide range of markets
  • Technical expertise to jointly identify the most suitable grade for your application
  • Our innovation approach: We focus on customer needs and market evolutions to develop new products & to improve existing grades
  • Quality and consistency of our production
  • Reliable supply availability to accompany your global developments
Fine Uncoated PCC
Ultrafine Coated PCC
Ultrafine Uncoated PCC



Phone: +49 2843 73 2726
English, French, German speaking

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NEW! Socal®-UP :
TiO2 Alternative

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