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  A breakthrough in epichlorohydrin production.

The innovative Epicerol® manufacturing process, developed and patented by Solvay, is based on the use of natural and renewable glycerin as a raw material, instead of propylene, an oil derivative, in order to produce epichlorohydrin.

Natural glycerin is a by-product of biodiesel and oleochemicals and is manufactured through the transformation of renewable oils (mainly derived from palm tree, rapeseed and soybean).

The epichlorohydrin manufactured by Epicerol® has exactly the same physico-chemical properties and can be used as a drop-in substitute for traditional oil-based epichlorohydrin.

Epicerol® epitomises the Solvay’s approach to clean products

Compared to the traditional manufacturing process, the Epicerol® patented technology is much cleaner and it allows Solvay to significantly:

  1. Reduce consumption of energy, water and chlorine
  2. Reduce the emissions to the environment and the amount of by-products
Based on the assessment of all the steps from resource extraction to the finished product, Solvay performed a comparative Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), in order to benchmark the Epicerol® bio-based process with a state-of-the-art propylene-based process. This cradle to gate environmental assessment was audited and validated by DEKRA, a leading certification body in environmental management. It shows the following main benefits: 

  • A 61% reduction of the Global Warming Potential (defined as the sum of GHG emissions and biogenic CO2 capture).
  • A 57% reduction of non renewable energy consumption.

Integrating 1 MT of Epicerol® (instead of classical epichlorohydrin) in your product makes your carbon footprint drop down by 2,56 MT CO2 equivalent!

Epicerol® provides an environmentally sound alternative to existing products, while addressing two important building blocks of corporate responsibility:

  • The lowering of global warming potential.
  • The shift from a fossil to a renewable bio-sourced raw material.
Epicerol® represents a part of the Solvay epichlorohydrin production and is therefore subject to limited availability. Customers who are specifically looking for bio-based, low carbon footprint epichlorohydrin are invited to contact Solvay for a tailor-made solution.


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