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Advanced Materials

Our new product group is dedicated to Advanced Materials for the specific purposes in eletronic and other high tech applications such as LCD screens.

Barium and Strontium Products

Solvay is a producer of a wide range of Barium and Strontium compounds and its coproducts. Our expertise and know-how gathered in more than 100 years of production, enables us to offer you today a wide range of high-quality customized products to suit your needs with in a range of applications such as in TV displays, glass, ferrites, bricks, tiles and ceramics amongst others.

We ensure that our products offer highest quality levels at all times by performing continuous chemical and technical audits on raw materials, production processes and final products. Our clients benefit on the one hand from in-depth advice and tailored support from our application services as well as from our sales staff, all seeking to ensure long-term client satisfaction.

Calcium Chloride

CASO® Calcium Chloride is one of Solvay's oldest products, and it still remains important today. Over the years, Solvay has adapted the applications of CASO® to meet the demands of users as diverse as the agricultural and food & feed industries and civil engineering. It is also used extensively in the oil industry, in water treatment processes, for treating roads in winter and summer, and for domestic and industrial dehumidification.

Fluor Products

Worldwide Excellence in Fluorine Products

Solvay Fluor combines all fluorochemicals activities of the international Solvay Group. With more than 1,000 talented employees we serve customers with fluorine products manufactured at 10 locations worldwide. The organizational structure provides rapid and flexible responses to the demands of international markets – for the benefit of our clients.

Professional Fluorochemistry
Solvay Fluor stands for a professional team of experienced chemists and a sales staff committed to taking on any challenge and to solving problems in close co-operation with our clients. With our state-of-the-art application technologies we offer a full range of fluorochemicals, using fluorspar produced in-house. In line with our commitment to managing challenges we further focus our Fluor business on high value-added specialty products to bring value to our customers.

Peroxygen Products

Welcome to the peroxides section of the website. It contains information on the products we make, the markets where we sell them and our environmental policies and procedures. Whether you are a current customer a shareholder or simply someone with a more general interest in these products we hope you will find these pages informative and helpful.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate - PCC

Socal® and Winnofil® Precipitated Calcium Carbonates are helping you to build a better world.

Thanks to our wide range of Socal® and Winnofil® PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) grades, we help you designing a safer and more sustainable world with:

  • Longer building protection, thanks for their use in Sealants
  • Lower carbon foot-print for Architectural indoor Paints
  • Better cars protection through PVC Plastisols
  • Longer-lasting PVC Window frames
  • Calcium supplementation for treatment of osteoporosis, and for the good health of babies & pregnant women
  • All many other future market applications we are excited to jointly develop with you, through innovation

As a leading PCC supplier for specialty applications, we offer you performance products to improve the world we live in through:  

  • Key functionalities (such as rheology, opacity, reinforcement and calcium supplementation) to serve a wide range of markets
  • Technical expertise to jointly identify the most suitable grade for your application
  • Our innovation approach: We focus on customer needs and market evolutions to develop new products & to improve existing grades
  • Quality and consistency of our production
  • Reliable supply availability to accompany your global developments
Soda Ash

Solvay has 9 production facilities in three continents, producing more than 7 million tonnes of sodium carbonate both by the traditional Solvay ammonia process and by the refining of Trona.  Solvay produces high quality soda ash to meet its customers’ specifications in accordance with all applicable safety, health and environmental standards. Today, it is shipped to more than 90 countries, using every form of transport imaginable.

As well as being present in many major consumer markets, Solvay's global supply chain capability benefits from multiple sourcing opportunities and a wide network of local warehouses to give an even better service to its customers, both across Europe, the USA, and, even more importantly, in many export destinations.

A pharmaceutical grade of sodium carbonate anhydrous is also available which is produced in a dedicated production facility in Dombasle/France.

Sodium Bicarbonate

BICAR® is a high quality product which is used in a wide range of applications including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial applications.




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