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Our Products:
  Barium Carbonate
    Barium Chloride
Welcome Solvay Vishnu Barium Private Ltd
The Emerging Force in Barium

Solvay Vishnu Barium Private Limited
, India (SVBPL) is a subsidiary of the Solvay & CPC Barium Strontium Group, headquartered in Germany. The manufacturing facility is conveniently located in South India very close to the main raw materials and just 150 km from Chennai, one of the main Indian ports.

We have an installed and licensed capacity to produce 40000 tones per annum of Barium Carbonate and 6000 tones per annum of Elemental Sulphur.

Solvay Vishnu Barium Private Limited is socially responsible and produces its products with extemely high standards in terms of safety, environment and public well-being. 

Our products are applied in the following markets:
  Brick Industry
Ceramic Industry
Explosives Industry
Ferrite Industry
Glass Industry
Metal Idustry
Rubber Industry
TV Glass Industry
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