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 Oil & Gas Drilling 

Inorganic peroxides have unique advantages in this field. They are slightly soluble in water and have relatively high stability to decomposition at elevated temperatures. At the desired time, these products can be activated by the addition of an acid or by other means.


Ammoniumbifluoride can be used as a drilling aid for softening silica rocks in the exploration of oil and gas fields. A polymer is often used to either fracture the rock or form a filter cake.  After the polymer achieves its purpose, it must be degraded by a “breaker” to lower its viscosity so that it can be easily removed.
Soda Ash is one of the prefered alkalis in ASP (Alkaline Surfactant Polymer), one of the chemical flooding techniques for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

Calcium Chloride is extensively used as drilling fluid in the oil industry. Thanks to its thermal stability, Caso® Calcium Chloride provides hydrostatic pressure necessary to maintain wall stability and facilitate extraction.





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