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About us

Sodium Bicarbonate BICAR® CODEX
is used in many pharmaceutical and
paramedical industries.

Sodium bicarbonate BICAR® PHARMA
is recommended for use as an Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in
Pharmaceutical applications.


Solvay Special Chemicals offers a wide spectrum of specialties for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device applications . These include a wide range of compounds with various qualities & grades, such as sodium hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate), sodium carbonate anhydrous, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and perestane®, sodium percarbonate and calcium carbonate. Main applications are hemodialysis, effervescent tablets, disinfection and antacid products. With an international leading position in the world markets, some of these products are manufactured under GMP-conditions supported by CEP documentation.

Our Products

            Bicar CODEX  Contact:  Ann Thomas
   Bicar Pharma  Contact:  Ann Thomas
   Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous  Contact:  Michael Steiner

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