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Protecting the environment is a crucial challenge facing our societies. Solvay has committed itself to a Sustainable Development policy, aimed in particular at improving performance in the areas of health, safety and the environment. The unique properties of our products make them particularly suited to providing protection for the environment in all areas of everyday life and throughout industry. From pollution prevention to abatement and cure, Solvay Chemicals can provide an effective solution to environmental problems.

Air Emission Control

A healthy and safe environment is one of our society's main objectives today. In this framework, Solvay's mission is to contribute to promoting environmental sustainable solutions.
Thus, the Group has developed SOLVAir®, a range of products, services, technologies for air emission control and treatment systems for associated waste.

Soil Treatment

Remediation of contaminated sites and groundwater requires technologies which can destroy persistent and problem causing pollutants in an environmentally and economically acceptable way.

Wastewater Treatment

The re-use of water is becoming a top priority in these times of climate change and increasing population. Peracetic acid allows municipal waste effluent to reach the microbial standards that will allow it to be reused as irrigation water on arable land

Water Purification

Water has always been a vital resource to human life and survival but the quality of water has become increasingly important in this modern age. The quality and purity of our water is subject to ever stricter monitoring and greater attention from public authorities and the community in general.





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