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  • Innovative Solutions
    for the Future

    Ideas and concepts for the optimization
    of renewable resources
  • Expert Solutions to Balance
    Technology and Nature

    Treatment and recovery of
    contaminated mineral waste
  • From Waste
    to Energy

    Preserving our planet
    with efficient energy recovery
  • Improving the Quality of Life
    Ingredients for highly efficient detergents,
    saving energy and protecting our environment
  • In Close Connection
    to the Global Markets

    High purity chemicals for the electronic industry
February 24, 2014
NOCOLOK® News issue 1/2014 is now available
Invitation to 8th International Congress Aluminium Brazing, Gränges 2014 India Technical Seminar, A Review on AHR EXPO 2014 – New York City, The NOCOLOK Survey Continues, The Transition from Copper/Brass to Aluminium - Part 2

Find the latest NOCOLOK® News issue here.
November 29, 2013
NOCOLOK® News issue 4/2013 is now available
Making fire from water - the Safe Flame project, updated product information, upcoming events and much more.

Find the latest NOCOLOK® News issue here.
September 05, 2013
Solvay to invest in production facility for NOCOLOK® in China
Lansol Fluor chemicals, a joint venture between Solvay and Sinochem Lantian, a Chinese chemical company, is building a production facility for NOCOLOK®, a brazing flux, in Quzhou (Zhejiang province). The Solvay group will be investing €5 million in the pr oject. Production is to begin by the spring of 2014, to pr oduce around 3,000 tonnes p.a.
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